As soon as your choice of move is done

Send your termination letter to your landlord according to the notice period initially established.

Contact the town hall of your new home to find out about the steps to take  re-enroll children in school.

Prepare a list of organisms to be notified so that no one is forgotten.

Estimate the volume to be moved

Whether you have decided to move alone or with professionals, you first need to know the volume of your belongings. Perform volume encryption with care and thoroughness.

Indeed, we often greatly underestimate the volume of our belongings. we then come up against last-minute problems that could have been avoided.

In order to help you, the Dossetto Removals, establish a control visit to your home to assess it.

D-Day: Or-ga-ni-sa-tion !

If you have taken the mover option, make sure you have everything ready at your home for loading in order to receive these gentlemen. Give them separate instructions concerning the organization at destination (furniture and boxes to put in a particular room…).

Make sure that the path of the movers (entrance, landing …) is clear!

Finally, do not forget to read the meters (water, electricity) of your old home and new home.

After the move: think about all the administrative changes

Here is a non-exhaustive list of people to contact to make your change of address. 

Whatever happens, we advise you to forward your mail for 6 months, until all these formalities are completed (pack move, available from your post office).

  • Subscriptions: telephone, Internet, TV, press …
  • Bank Insurance (housing, car …)
  • Electricity, gas Company if you are an employee (+ possible mutual insurance company)
  • Pension fund
  • Gray card For all administrations (social security, CIF, taxes …),
  • you can  change of address online on the Public Service website.

Advices for your transfer

As career soldiers, you are forced to change your place of residence regularly.

The administrative procedures specific to your profession and those related to your family or civil situation, make the situation complicated.

To avoid losing patience with this long list of things to do, Dossetto removals advise you to approach your military transfer with confidence.

Calculate the amount of your help

A move has a significant financial cost. As a soldier, you and your family can benefit from aid issued by the Ministry of Defense.
Thanks to them, the expenses related to your move will be refunded.

The right to volume

The 2007 reform ended the selection criterion according to the rank occupied by the soldier. From now on, it is his seniority that takes precedence. The military’s family (spouse and dependent children) is also recognized and taken into account in the calculation of the cubage right.

Two other criteria are also used for calclating remocal costs: the distance between the place of loading and unloading and the volume to be transported.

For information, the calculation of the rights for the Gendarmes remains unchanged. Fees are calculated according to the grade.

Do not hesitate to contact us, a sales representative will guide you on your rights.

The financial ceiling of repayment

To find out more about the help you receive: visit the Ministry of Defense website

Return your complete moving file

To avoid long waiting times and ensure a quick refund, it is better that your military relocation file is perfectly complete.

The elements to be provided to the administrative department of attachment:

  • Your military change order
  • Your completed and signed information sheet
  • The copy of the administrative documents relating to your situation (family book, taxes, RIB, paid invoices, insurance, consignment note, delivery note, …) 2 quote requests from 2 different moving companies.
  • Cancel your subscriptions and contracts or give your new address


list all organizations, public and private institutions to be notified for your move.

If necessary, peel your letters or bank statements (eg this subscription taken monthly which we had forgotten the existence).

Note that many organizations allow you to report your new situation online.

Non-exhaustive list to start yours :

  • Pre-notice letter for your owner if you are renting
  • CAF (change of situation and take advantage of it to find out about the aid) taxes
  • Subscriptions: landline, internet, magazine, television, associations, clubs, library (do not forget to bring back everything you could have borrowed!), …
  • Contracts: Energy suppliers (EDF, GDF, Veolia, …), …
  • Bank and Financial Institutions
  • Insurance (house, life, car, …)
  • Registration certificate
  • Employment Center
  • Loyalty cards
  • Mail tracking by La Poste

Anticipate children’s back-to-school and childcare

Whether your children are in elementary or secondary education, you have an obligation to notify the principal of the institution in which they are currently enrolled. Once notified, he will issue you a certificate of cancellation. This essential sesame for a change of school during the school year, you will enroll your children in their future school.

For children enrolled in kindergarten or elementary school, contact the mayor of your new domiciliation before contacting his new school. For the little ones in day-care, day-care center or at a maternal assistant: inform the organization and your nanny (attention: you are bound by a contract of employment to your maternal assistant). Each town hall provides parents with a list of available childcare arrangements in their municipality.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Defense places at its staff facilities dedicated to the care of toddlers. Facilitate your spouse’s job search

Facilitate your spouse’s job search

Your transfer order has fallen and with it a new destination for the whole family! Spousal support is provided by the Ministry of Defense to facilitate their access to employment. A personal adviser will accompany him in the search for a job in the private or public sector near the place of your assignment. Find all the information on the Défense Mobility website.

Inform health organizations

A member of your family may be followed by a medical specialist and requires special care. Remember to retrieve the medical records of the whole family in order to transfer them to your new health practitioners.

So remember to inform general practitioners and specialists of your move and the health organizations to which you are attached (CNMSS, CPAM, MCDEF, MNAM, Mutual, EPFP, …).

Many things not to forget before thinking about making your cards, is not it? It is for all these reasons that the DOSSETTO movers are specialized in military overseas and metropolitan moves, and you will make a proposal best suited to your situation.