The company DOSSETTO FILS is a limited company with a capital of 7,622.45 €, specialized in national and international movable and movable removals. This SME was created more than 40 years ago. It is managed by Mr. Alain DOSSETTO and while being progressive in its approach to the profession, it remains nonetheless family in its personnel management.

Back to back

  • 1965 : Mr DOSSETTO Charles (father of Mr Alain and René DOSSETTO) becomes a mover, creates his company in his own name and settles in the old premises.
    The moves were concentrated at that time on the Toulon area.
  • 1970 : Mr DOSSETTO Charles acquires a deposit and makes a furniture storage.
    The moves are beginning to spread over the area.
  • 1979 : Mr DOSSETTO Alain joins the company as a mover.
  • 1983 : Mr DOSSETTO René joins the company as a mover. 
  • 1985 : Under the impulse of the sons, the moves become international.
  • 1990 : Pass between father and son and a different corporate policy direction.
    The company in its own name became the SARL DOSSETTO FILS.
    She then embarks on international removals, and essentially overseas.
  • 2015 : The company moves to downtown Toulon
  • 2019 : The company moves to downtown La Seyne sur mer

Geographic location

The company is spread over five geographic locations:

– The head office located in the heart of a very commercial district of the city of TOULON, the Pont-du-Las,

– The administrative, commercial, operations and the main depot are grouped in TOULON town center 5 minutes from the SNCF train station,

– A commercial in Corsica,

– The furniture repository located in the business area of ​​SIX-FOURS-LES-PLAGES,

– The secure furniture storage in Brest,

– The secure furniture in Signes.


Business organization

The company is divided into 5 main areas:

• National removals service or « withdrawal » and custody management

• Commercial service

• Import-export service

• Accounting department

• Exploitation service